Long Night of the Sciences 2022 – It was great!

And so soon it is over again – the Long Night of the Sciences 2022! We will take with us six hours of a full program, numerous interesting discussions and many impressions. Above all, however, we remember the joy in the shining eyes of children, the interested questions from young and old, the extensive discussions at the booths, and the many great hands-on activities to try out and experiment with.

One night, 10,000 guests, 450 offers, 40 institutions. That’s how much the science location Jena has to offer if everyone joins forces and makes the diverse research and development made in Jena visible and accessible.


Thanks to the many motivated scientists and researchers who spoke with so much enthusiasm about their research and areas of expertise and gave insights into new worlds.

Thanks also to all the organizers and supporting people on site!

Thanks to all our partner institutions, the non-university institutes, our two universities, the research-related companies, the foundations: it was great that you opened your doors to the many visitors and organized so many activities, lectures and programs.

Thanks to all the organizers for their work in the run-up and on the evening itself.

Thank you for making this night possible with your commitment!

We are looking forward to the next Long Night of Science and are happy to be there again!

Zukunftszentrum – Centre for German Unity and European Transformation for Jena

Jena is applying as a location for the Zukunftszentrum – “Centre for German Unity and European Transformation” (ZET).

Transformation, change, future and unity – these are concepts that can be experienced, and are being discussed and researched here in Jena. The strong connections and long-standing cooperation between the city, urban society and science distinguish the city of Jena.

As collaborative network, JenaVersum contributes to this, as we promote intensive cooperation at the location and support the exchange between the stakeholders. The commitment of scientific institutions, companies and municipal partners is clear: only together can we become even better and easily master the challenges of the future. Jena is a city of the future.

The exchange of ideas and findings, close cooperation, lively discussions and intensive exchange shape our city. Scientists work together with partners from business and the city for a better future.

The Zukunftszentrum – “Centre for German Unity and European Transformation” as a place for encounter and dialogue, where social and economic change is researched, transformation experiences can be experienced and life achievements are honored, fits the city.
JenaVersum supports the city of Jena’s application for the Zukunftszentrum.

For more information visit: https://diezukunftbleibtanders.de/en/