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Joint international location marketing

Jena must be seen as a collective.

This is because companies settle where they can find skilled employees. In turn, these employees move to locations they find attractive. Joint location marketing aims to communicate the cumulative research power of the site to the world – to ensure the top talent continues to come here. Local, national and international location marketing should therefore be considered as three sides of the same triangular strategy.

Open dialogue on research agenda & initiatives

Networking is an essential part of developing as a professional.

In the JenaVersum, people and institutions can share specialist knowledge to further their research projects and developments. Encounters lead to new ideas and interdisciplinary partnerships that leverage greater success for shared research initiatives.

Coordinated transfer/outreach

JenaVersum carries out a range of outreach activities to promote a variety of encounters between science and civil society.

We therefore support low-threshold and popular approaches to science and offer a wide spectrum of opportunities for interaction through knowledge transfer and communication with the aim of enabling more powerful conversations. In doing so, we contribute to strengthening the credibility of science in society.

Coordinated use of research infrastructure

Strong infrastructure is the foundation of top-notch, innovative research.

To facilitate the optimal conditions for internationally notable research, JenaVersum creates synopses and coordination opportunities for the use of high-tech equipment and facilities at the site. This enables strong utilisation synergies between the individual institutions.

Joint strategic location development

Working in partnership leads to innovation: JenaVersum offers space for garnering ideas for new projects, initiating projects and identifying collaborative possibilities.

This is because a successful location development strategy must always take into account the different aspects of the city. Our collective aim as partners is therefore to preserve and enhance Jena’s reputation as a vibrant, family-friendly, innovative place.


Our Network

JenaVersum is a science and business network located in Jena.

We know that research is always a team effort. We also know that interaction and collaboration form the basis for outstanding research findings and innovative developments. And we know that we can accomplish more together.