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Our Partners

JenaVersum creates space for development, new ideas and worthwhile encounters.

People come here to meet others with different ideas, visions and cultures, and to innovate together. We focus on five areas of activity: Joint international location marketing, Open dialogue on research agenda & initiatives, Coordinated transfer/outreach, Coordinated use of research infrastructure and Joint strategic regional development

Get together, share ideas and turn them into reality…

Successful projects need the right team players. Many projects started with great commitment often disappear into a drawer. Find suitable partners to avoid this.

This is where JenaVersum comes in – as a cooperation platform – based on common goals and interests. We promote and enrich existing cooperation projects between universities, research institutions and companies through new events and shared initiatives. At the same time, we offer new partnerships and alliances within our network.

Join in!


Together, we work for the successful implementation of sustainable aims and ideas that empower the beautiful place where we live, work and conduct research.