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A wealth of study options in Jena – thanks to a wide range of subjects,
intercultural debate and practical offerings.

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More than just studying

What is it like to live and study in Jena? Find out and meet interesting students!

With the diverse range of subjects on offer in Jena, there is something in for everyone. Studying here means much more than just sitting in the lecture hall – holding discussions, hearing about current research during your classes, taking a look at other cultures during a semester abroad – these and many more opportunities are available at the University of Jena and the University of Applied Sciences. Everyone can shape their studies according to their own ideas. There are also numerous opportunities for activities and engagement alongside your studies. Research, teaching, learning and social engagement go hand in hand here.


Teaching and research
in harmony

This is what we love:
the latest research and innovative teaching methods.

Our teaching is aligned towards social, ethical, democratic and environmental standards. It offers food for thought and shines a spotlight on the latest research and innovative teaching methods. This is the only way to ensure a clear view ahead to the future.

The high value of the teaching carried out at Friedrich Schiller University is evidenced by the Academy for Teaching Development (ALe). The ALe sets incentives for the development of innovative teaching concepts and is committed to ensuring that university teaching accomplishments are recognised and made visible. It establishes a cross-departmental communication space in which the principles of good teaching are reflected and the latest developments in higher education teaching are discussed. Furthermore, the committee of experts at the ALe awards endowed teaching awards each year that recognise outstanding teaching concepts.


Enabling education through science – this is the goal of the teaching in the JenaVersum. We want to create the best possible conditions for this. It is only possible to develop autonomy, independence and a high degree of scientific expertise when the basics are good.


Study programmes from A to Z

The range of study options at the two universities in Jena is extensive. Featuring over 250 options, the programmes cover almost everything a student’s heart could wish for. The mainstay of all these subject options is interdisciplinarity and internationality. News of Jena’s fantastic study options has long got out and travelled the world. This has led to almost one in six students coming from outside Germany. Yet Jena’s universities are also increasingly expanding on the international campus. Friedrich Schiller University offers 22 international courses.  The University of Applied Sciences Jena with its many partnerships with Jena’s international businesses is an appealing place for students from across the globe to study, too.

Studying for success in Jena

Research and teaching that are ‘made in Jena’ enjoy a distinguished reputation all over the world.

’In Jene lebt sich’s bene’ [’Life’s good in Jena’], is what students at Jena University in 1850 used to sing about their city. But it isn’t just the good life that has drawn so many passionate teachers and students to Jena over its 650-year lifetime. It is primarily the outstanding study options on offer here that attract people to the two universities, where they can access a full spectrum of subjects.

The Friedrich Schiller University alone has over 200 different courses, added to which the vocational University of Applied Sciences Jena has around 50 other areas covering engineering, business administration and social sciences. Some subjects can even be studied at both universities together. International degree programme collaborations enrich the University’s academic offering and encourage international debate in science and teaching.

Study programme at the University of Jena

Study programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena

Life in Jena

In addition to showcasing outstanding academic conditions, Jena also embodies a relaxed attitude to life. This is especially evident in the extensive range of options for sport, culture and leisure. The city thereby offers its inhabitants a large amount of freedom to test their abilities and shape the city in accordance with their ideas and expectations.

A lifetime in Jena?

Arriving at Jena’s Paradies train station marks the beginning of many young high school students’ journey to a new life as a student of higher education. They explore the myriad short paths between the study centres, sample their way through the countless cafés, pubs and canteens, and find like-minded people in Jena’s collection of student organisations. A few weeks later, the young newcomers to Jena head to Jena’s romantic Christmas market and listen to the trumpeting from the tower. They see how green the city becomes in spring. They experience their first summer at the open-air KulturArena and, in autumn, realise that they are now in a position to inform the next generation of students that they mustn’t walk through the Johannestor gate – otherwise, the superstition goes, they won’t pass their exams. It’s these little experiences and peculiarities that make the city so appealing. And, ultimately, they are why many students stay loyal to Jena even after graduating.