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Master student Luisa Wöllner loves the internationality of her study program and to learn about new cultures and languages. Enjoying nature in her free time, she found a good place to study and live in Jena.

“I am studying English and American Studies in the Master’s program at the University of Jena. I am in the last phase of my studies, writing the master thesis. For this I am focusing on possible influences of the British colonial period on the identity and sense of belonging of people who immigrated from these areas to Great Britain.”

“During my school years in Weimar I never imagined studying in Jena, but because of the offer for a Master’s degree I decided to study here, which I have not regretted so far!”

What I find particularly beneficial about my Master’s program is the international teaching staff, lecturers and student body. The majority of students come from all over the world and their different cultural backgrounds and points of view provide input for interesting and diverse discussions in the seminars.”

“The topics of the seminars offered are just as diverse, ranging from grammatical analysis of unexplored languages, to the representation of dragons in English literature, to Shakespeare as a classic. The institute is also involved in activities outside of university. There is a weekly get-together where you can exchange ideas with other students of the institute but also with the lecturers, an annual Christmas Reading, a Scottish dance evening and much more.”

“The internationality of my study program is certainly not an exception, but reflects the general image of the city. As I walk around the city, I keep hearing bits and pieces of Spanish, Italian, and many other languages. “

“Many cultures are represented here and there are many evening events during the week on the respective nations or languages, where people come together and exchange ideas. The Haus auf der Mauer offers a great meeting place for this purpose.”

“A good balance to the daily university routine in Jena can be found especially in nature. No matter where you are in Jena, you can quickly be out in the nature and, if you want, climb a different mountain every day of the week and view the city from above. For me, this is the best way to clear my head, especially during the stressful exam time. The wide range of university sports should also be mentioned here. In addition to the usual sports, you can try out many new and possibly unusual things, such as Quidditch, Ultimate Frisbee or Lacrosse, for which I have found my passion.”

“In general, I can say that there are many different ways to get involved in Jena, not only related to the University, but in the whole city. Therefore, I am sure that everyone who comes to Jena will find their niche to feel comfortable here.”