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Lena Schmitz investigates healthy study conditions as part of her Master thesis in Psychology. As a volunteer she is involved in many social projects in the city.

“I’m about to finish my Master’s degree in “Psychology for Work, Education and Society” and I work at the Chair of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology of Prof. Rüdiger Trimpop at the University of Jena. As a student and staff member, I particularly appreciate the intercultural network at the University: For my Master thesis, I am investigating the connection between psychological stress, work-life balance and health attitudes among students as part of the “Healthy Campus Jena” project. The prospect of sharing the Healthy University project with other universities as part of the European alliance EC2U as an international cooperation for healthy study conditions, and contributing to joint research projects and interventions in the future, is a huge motivation for my master’s thesis research.”

For me, Jena is a colourful, international and interculturally important location in Thuringia – social, voluntary commitment are very important here also outside the university context.”

“I experience Jena as an open-minded, proactive city with an interest in world politics. Thanks to many initiatives and NGOs, here in Jena, we all learn a lot from and with each other – in my case as a scholarship holder of the Melton Foundation, as an intern at the AWO’s Fachstelle Interkulturelle Öffnung (Office for Intercultural Opening), as a volunteer in concrete projects such as the KLEX in Lobeda and the university’s mentoring programme… Anyone can find so many intercultural and social projects here. “

“The fact is: Jena offers great potential in addition to a lot of already existing commitment and social awareness, and I look forward to seeing how even more sustainable bridges can be built between the different actors in the JenaVersum!”