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Intercultural engagement, volunteer work and music – these are some of the many activities in which Maja Reinhardt is involved. She’s a Bachelor student of communication science at the University of Jena.

“I chose this field of study because of my strong interest in political, social and economic developments and because it covers a wide range of topics from public relations to (media) psychology and strategic communication. I feel very comfortable at the Institute of Communication Science at the University of Jena, the communication here at the institute is very good. Not at least because of our student representatives, which make contact between students and lecturers easy and pleasant, plan interesting events throughout the semester and thus ensure a very confidential atmosphere.”

Ever since my first visit, I have appreciated Jena as a place to study. The cozy old town can enchant you at any time of the year and leaves nothing to be desired. Above all, it is the people who make this place so beautiful.”

“The young dynamic spirit of the city is characterized by diversity, internationality and cosmopolitanism as well as many voluntary initiatives where you can network even if you are not a student.”

“With almost 2600 international students, there is always something going on in the field of interculturality. That’s why in my free time I volunteer for the Erasmus Student Network Jena, where I have been elected president since August.”

“Meeting inspiring people from all over the world, exchanging ideas and working towards common goals motivates me incredibly to strengthen the intercultural exchange here in Jena.”

“Respect, tolerance and the reduction of prejudices are important to me in order to contribute to a good way to interact with each other and especially in society. I can also get involved internationally in the university’s EC2U alliance.”

“Besides, I am active as student representative of communication science and play saxophone in the youth big band of Thuringia, as well as in the True Note Big Band Weimar.”

“In the near future I would like to study a semester abroad in Portugal with the help of the EC2U-Allianz to improve my language skills, grow on myself and gain new impressions about the country. After my bachelor’s degree, I plan to do a one-year volunteer service abroad to learn another language, gain practical work experience and continue to be involved in international exchange. After that, I would like to complete my master’s degree abroad as well.”

“I am more than satisfied with Jena as a place for my studies. With the broad possibilities to organize my everyday life and my free time, the open and warm-hearted people I meet every day and the beautiful surroundings. Jena is a place where I enjoy living and studying and I would highly recommend to anyone.”