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Use of research infrastructure in JenaVersum


A platform for JenaVersum

In this context, OpenIRIS will be introduced, a non-commercial open source software that allows to find and share research infrastructure. After extensive research and consulting in the network, the members of JenaVersum decided to implement OpenIRIS in November 2022. JenaVersum has been a member of the OpenIRIS association since February 2023 and can make full use of the platform.

Features enabled by the platform include:

  • The research of devices and services at the location
  • The booking of services or timeslots for the use of devices
  • Full control over the visibility of the posted devices and information for each facility

Implementation of OpenIRIS

The introduction of OpenIRIS started in August 2023 with a pilot phase, in which the first devices from scientific partner institutions are currently being added and the functionality is being tested. Experiences on the use of the platform are shared network-wide, reflected upon and, if necessary, reported back to the developers. In view of the network-wide introduction, training courses are being developed for all partners to enable them to use the platform independently.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation supports the cooperative use of research infrastructure in JenaVersum.

Anyone interested can contact Dr. Jeanin Jügler.
Contect: openiris@jenaversum.de

With the kind support of the Carl Zeiss Foundation.