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Klassik Stiftung Weimar

At a glance:

  • A versatile research and education facility with an international focus
  • An attractive employer for professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including landscape architects, cultural managers, editorial philologists, art historians and IT administrators
  • A place for creativity, participatory discourse, open-minded thinking and mutual respect for others

Through its museums, castles, parks, Goethe and Schiller archives and the Duchess Anna Amalia Library, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar preserves and studies cultural artefacts from the Middle Ages to the present day and makes them accessible to the public. It focuses particularly on Weimar Classicism and Bauhaus. Several of the Klassik Stiftung’s properties and collections have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status or form part of its Memory of the World Programme. Its multifaceted research activities encompass humanities study programmes, academic publishing, inventory and cataloguing, exhibitions, bulk restoration, material analysis, bibliography and provenance research. In addition, the Klassik Stiftung runs an international Fellowship programme, international scientific collaborations with universities and groups, advanced training programmes for early-career scientists, cultural education events for a range of audiences, as well as a year-round cultural programme with public events, exhibitions, talks and panel forums on contemporary issues.


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