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City of Jena

In the eyes of approximately 110,000 citizens – as well as numerous companies and institutions – we are a beacon of light offering them day-to-day comfort and direction. Such a status comes with a wide spectrum of responsibilities and services that we tackle collectively day in, day out. This is how we safeguard the sustainable growth of our municipality. As a family-friendly employer – one of the largest in the region – we also invest continually in the quality of both life and work of our circa 2,000 employees.
Let there be light: for over 150 years, Jena has been the authority on all things light-related. Steeped in a tradition of optics and photonics, the city of Jena is the birthplace of Europe’s optical industry and embodies innovation and progress. For over 150 years, the scientific city of Jena has been shaped by innovative, light-based technology. Jena’s two universities dovetail seamlessly with research institutions and local industry: this is both a tradition and the uppermost guarantee of Jena’s success as a European centre for research in the field of optics and photonics. The concept of the City of Light embodies everything that has made and makes up Jena’s pan-regional brilliance: the flashes of inspiration from its brightest minds; the glow of illuminating information; the outstanding research institutions that steadfastly light up the darkness with their flame of knowledge; the world-renowned high-tech companies and the young, innovative businesses for whom light is an essential means to success. Light is therefore both a tool and an object of study.
Jena is the City of Science and was awarded this title officially in 2008. To ensure this remains the case, we want to encourage the next generation to embrace the topic as well. Our aim is to make knowledge tangible and transmit it in an entertaining way – not least in our capacity of a historic university town. Jena is a city with a rich tradition of education.
Over the next few years, a central urban data platform is due to be developed based on the following vision: ‘Jena is going digital, learning and sharing – our city creates and uses knowledge’. This platform will not only gather and structure data but also contain tools for generating knowledge. The project will create an important database for the city’s essential digitalisation projects, which will ultimately benefit the city’s residents and also serve as a foundation for developing new business models for Jena’s digital economy.
Jena places great emphasis on being family-friendly. Play areas and green spaces for running around in are an integral part of the city, as are local centres for children and young people, child-friendly leisure activities, extensive care facilities and an extremely wide range of schools. This has an impact, of course: Jena holds the top spot for birth rates in Thuringian towns. In addition to the designated hiking trails for children where you can discover and experience the natural world, Jena’s museums, the Zeiss Planetarium and, of course, the Imaginata, have programmes and events specially designed for children.


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City of Jena
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