August 28, 2–9 pm, Weimar

Weimar celebrates Goethe

Weimar has been celebrating Goethe’s birthday on a grand scale for centuries. The 273rd birthday of the poet will also be celebrated with a programme of festivities at the Roman House. With music and culinary delights, you can enjoy the magnificent area around the classicist country house in the park on the Ilm. Look forward to a diverse stage programme with live music by “Crepes Sucette”, “Öde und Schriller” improvisation theatre and a puppet show, as well as culinary and interactive activities for everybody. As a little treat, the Goethe National Museum with Goethe’s residence and Goethe’s garden house will open their doors for free to all guests from 2-6 pm.

Weimar celebrates Goethe | August 28, 2–9 pm
Free entrance