World Heritage Weekend in Weimar

June 3-4, 2023 in Weimar

With the slogan “Unsere Welt. Unser Erbe. Unsere Verantwortung.” (Our World. Our Heritage. Our Responsibility.) the nationwide opening of UNESCO World Heritage Day will be celebrated in Weimar on Sunday, June 4, 11 a.m..

In addition to the opening, 100 years of Haus Am Horn and 25 years of “Classical Weimar” will be celebrated with a program of events by numerous Weimar stakeholders at the World Heritage sites and accompanied by a World Heritage Market (Weimar Market Square).

The Klassik Stiftung Weimar and other organizers are offering a wide-ranging program of guided tours, exhibitions, lectures, cinematographic contributions and participatory activities in and around Weimar for UNESCO World Heritage Day on June 3 and 4.

The complete program at a glance:

Noble talks: Homage to Max Delbrück: On the molecular determinants of genetic and epigenetic inheritable traits

May 25, 2023, Lecture hall Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg

Joseph Heitman is an American physician and scientist who will give a lecture on the molecular basis of genetic and epigenetic inheritance as a guest of the Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology – Hans Knöll Institute (Leibniz-HKI) at the “Noble Talks”. He will dedicate his lecture to the Nobel Prize winner Max Delbrück (1906 – 1981), who made particular contributions to the introduction of mathematical models and scientific methods in biology, thus laying essential foundations for modern molecular biology and genetics.

With their public lectures, the institutes at the Beutenberg Campus present renowned scientists twice a year, who present their research to a broad audience in a generally understandable form. The lectures cover current topics in science and technology.
The Lecture will be held in English.