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The DLR Institute for Data Science is focused on researching the entire life cycle of data. This cycle begins with the acquisition and collection of data from various sources and its management, processing and secure administration. The next step is to extract the required information from the data, exploit its potential and provide interpretable solutions for business and society.

Our institute contributes to this technically very challenging research area in several places through the work of our different groups and departments. The projects we work on have very different applications, such as climate, transportation, energy and of course space.

Current and future projects can be technically carried out thanks to our high-performance data analysis (HPDA) infrastructure. A world-class mainframe computer that allows fast calculations and mathematical models in enormous amounts of data.

In parallel to our basic and applied research, the institute is complemented by a DLR student laboratory, which aims to bring research closer to the younger generations and to awaken in them a fascination for natural and technical sciences.


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DLR Institute for Data Science
Mälzerstraße 3-5
07745 Jena

Dr. Frank Dressel
Acting director

Dr. Yanira Guanche Garcia
Telefon: 03641 30860 139