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At a glance:

We are a globally operating technology group, optical technologies are the very basis of our business with the majority of our products and services being provided to the photonics market. Our key markets primarily include semiconductor & electronics, life science & medical technology as well as smart mobility.

With the power of light, we enable efficient processes and products in future markets. Photonics plays an important part in so many areas: digital, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, space exploration. We help our customers in these areas to solve highly complex photonic problems.

Our 4,500 employees worldwide are “enablers”, helping our customers to take the lead and, perhaps more importantly, to become more sustainable. With our accumulated know-how and emerging innovations, we are in the business of offering solutions to both current and future challenges faced by our customers and society.

Find out more about Jenoptik and how we are changing the world with light at www.jenoptik.com and on our blog Photonic stories | Jenoptik


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Carl-Zeiß-Straße 1
07743 Jena

Phone: +49 3641-650
Email: pr@jenoptik.com