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rooom – Enterprise Metaverse Solutions provides a platform for creating, managing and sharing interactive virtual experiences in 3D, AR and VR. The start-up specializes in Enterprise Metaverse Solutions, for example digital showrooms, 3D product presentations and virtual events.

rooom creates completely new possibilities for marketing, sales, education, collaboration, events and entertainment. The platform consists of rooomProducts for the creation, management & presentation of impressive 3D models; rooomSpaces for the effortless design of showrooms, trade fair booths, learning spaces or even metaverse environments and rooomImmersions for the visualization of 3D content in Augmented Reality. rooomEvents offers a highly scalable GDPR-compliant platform for the planning & implementation of interactive digital and hybrid events.

• EASY-TO-USE CMS -Easily create and manage 2D and 3D content in real-time without specialized training

• WEB-BASED – User access on the go, highly interoperable and no maintenance required

• MULTI-DEVICE COMPATIBLE – Always at your fingertips – desktops, tablets, smartphones and VR headsets

• DEVELOPER- FRIENDLY – Flexible APIs and various plugins available to fit your exact business requirements


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rooom AG
Löbstedter Str. 47a
07749 Jena

Phone: +49 3641 5549440
E-mail: info@rooom.com