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Developing innovative solutions

Hans Elstner is CEO and founder of rooom AG, which offers various Metaverse solutions for creating, managing and sharing 3D, AR and VR experiences like digital showrooms or virtual events. What he likes about Jena is that it is versatile: “Our location provides us with many opportunities: We can work with a wide variety of regional players, and extend our international partnerships.”

Founding in Jena

„Versatile – Jena is not just focused on one sector or industry. Our location provides us with many opportunities: We can work with a wide variety of regional players, for example Carl Zeiss, Schott, Intershop and Friedrich Schiller University, in addition to our international partnerships.”

Also, the nature and mountains in and around Jena, as well as the people who live here, enrich the city incredibly. This creates a productive working environment with the opportunity for balance.”

On site and worldwide

“Our advantage in Jena is that we can network well with the other IT companies at the location. Nowhere are the two most important components of 3D computer visualization so close together: optics with all the physical principles for calculations of light refraction, beam path, etc., and IT and e-commerce. Optics in Jena was essentially shaped by Zeiss and Schott. IT was shaped by Intershop as the first e-commerce pioneer and the associated IT and agency environment that has developed around the company over the years. In addition, we can network with businesses from all over the world and to work together on projects that will drive us all forward.”

About my work

What I love about my job is that it is so versatile. It’s technical, nerdy and creative – all at the same time. Our software is used in all industries for various purposes, so we play a significant role in the digitization of large companies.”

“I was born in Jena, so I am a true “Jenenser”. As a teenager, I already supported various companies with IT solutions and became self-employed in this field. Later, I decided to extend my knowledge and skills and studied “Internet Business Engineering” at the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule in Jena.”

Software solutions for various industries

“rooom a software provider, but our solutions are used in a wide range of industries, so we play a significant role in the digitization of large enterprises. We have a wide range of products and services for Metaverse offerings, so there is something for everyone. We have placed our focus particularly on the B2B sector.”

From medical technology to automotive to retail/e-commerce and fashion our customers and partners can be found in numerous industries.”

International partnerships

We have established relationships with numerous partners, not only in Jena, but also internationally. To grow further, we rely on a network of sales partners and agencies. In doing so, we regard potential competitors not as competitors only, but as partners. We believe that it is worthwhile to reach out to competitors, exchange ideas and build a network. We have local and international networks, for example in the USA, Italy and Spain. Our partners include, for example, Intershop, diva-e, Smart Commerce, Creat3, as well as Matterport, Shopware, CGI, axxessio, ion2s and Khronos.”


“I would like to see even more open-mindedness when it comes to digitisation and all the exciting and various opportunities it opens up, We want to establish Jena as a beacon in the field of digitization that radiates far beyond Thuringia. Developing innovative solutions will encourage the exchange of knowledge across industries and foster the cooperation of players from different parts of society.”

About the region

“Jena is incredibly diverse, both economically and culturally. The most exciting thing is that we have the opportunity to look into various industries and thus experience a versatility that fosters creativity and progress. Also, Jena is a great place to network, as the size of the city allows us to build a familial atmosphere and always surround ourselves with people who share similar visions of the future as we do.”

“Thanks to the many educational centers in and around Jena, a large number of students come to the city every year. Many of them with international backgrounds. Added to this are the numerous internationally positioned companies. That is wonderful, because the city and the people are in a state of ongoing exchange and the network is growing more profound. At rooom, too, there are many employees with an international background – this also promotes diversity within the company.”

“Many people meet here, which makes social life varied and exciting. The city itself is also very open to progress and innovative ideas. In addition, I am a musician at heart and therefore very much appreciate the colorful music scene in Jena.”

A glimpse into the future

“Our platform is constantly being developed, updated, improved and expanded. In general, we want to continue to grow and gain a foothold internationally. In the long run, we want to grow into the software provider for Business Metaverse solutions.”

“In addition to my work as CEO, I am also active as a speaker and mentor for startup founders and I would like to invest more time in it in the future. I really enjoy getting to know other founders and exchanging ideas.”

What would you tell others who are thinking about moving to Jena?

“That they don’t have to think twice about it. The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is one of the top 10 universities for startups and thus a hotspot for startups. Many ideas are born here, good professionals network and find the right environment to implement their vision. In Jena, there is plenty to discover – for every age, gender or national background. We play a significant part in making the city a more exciting place to live.”