March 30 – April 2 2023


How do we want to live together? With diverse interventions, creative offerings and exhibitions, we will transform Weimar into an interactive discourse space during the four-day opening festival. The central exhibition “Paths to Utopia” in the Bauhaus Museum Weimar asks about present and future conditions of living. Artistic performances create meeting places within the Quartier der Moderne and sharpen the view of the residential architecture that surrounds us.

At the weekend, numerous workshops and short guided tours offer exciting insights into everyday life in the home, both then and now. In Weimar’s historic houses, art installations will reveal new perspectives on the built (residential) forms of our being. A concluding matinee is dedicated to the political dimensions of housing with aspects such as displacement and gentrification and relates these to earlier concepts.

Further information and the entire program are available on the website of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar: